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This post is inspired by a recent review I read where the reviewer noted that the woman he saw (self-identified as a courtesan) talked through a good bit of his half hour session and he was bothered by that.

I saw this as a good opportunity to write a post on the differences between courtesans and escorts. While they are part of the same field, they are not the same. You could liken this to a surgeon not being the same as an obstetrician. They are both doctors, but they specialise in different aspects of their field.
Let me start by saying that one is not better than the other. The two are different and it really just comes down to “Different strokes for different folks”.

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Afterward, there will usually be a bit more conversation leading up to either another shot or the end of the session. Some do not stay the remainder of the duration. The average booking is between 30 minutes and 2 hours.
Escorts are perfect for clients who:
Is looking for a quickieIs looking for the fantasy situation of showing up, fucking, and leavingWant absolute “no strings attached” sex where emotions do not come into play at allAre hobbyistsCourtesans, on the other hand, tend to focus on the mind first and body later. A courtesan may have wine, sparkling water, or even a fruit tray available to share at the beginning of the appointment. Often the first portion of the appointment is spent talking – usually about his life (without going into TOO much detail of course), her past/background/education, current events, politics, or anything else that may come up. Courtesans more often than not hold a degree, or are in the end stages working on one.1 Many clients who hire courtesans will talk to them about their life and problems, hoping for the point of view of an uninvolved party. Or even just an ear to listen, or shoulder to cry on.
When the courtesan feels a good connection has formed, she will progress the visit into the bedroom. Afterwards, there’s usually a continuation of an earlier conversation and perhaps more activities if the mood is right. Courtesans focus on both mental and physical stimulation under the belief that a psychological release can lead to a better physical one. Also they feel the more comfortable the client is, the more open he can be behind closed doors enabling him to act out all of his deepest fantasies.

Q: [Courtesans are perfect for clients who:]
A: [Desire a connection before intercourse Want to spend a longer period of time with the courtesan Need someone to talk to, whether on a casual level or deeper one Also subscribe to the belief that an emotional release first makes the physical release better]

Q: [Fundamental Differences]
A: [An escort will often greet a client with a kiss, and some minor chit chat will ensue. Normally, it won’t be much and they will get right down to business. This chat may even occur while the client undresses, sets down his donation, and moves to the bed. There will be some superficial connection, but what it comes down to is a the client being happy with what he sees. Usually not much on the personal level. An escort will focus on physically pleasuring the client ot his hearts content.] Private girls in Cascais, Sintra, Estoril, Lisbon region. ♥  ♥ Isabella beautiful lady Lisboa ♥ Your beautiful escort will show you around and will be your personal Lissabon tour guide. ♥  ♥ If you like the cute, blonde, girl next door type and fantasise about having one yourself... I am the perfect combination of model looks and playful personality and offer a most unforgettable girlfriend experience. A lover of teasing & pleasing, I've sex appeal in abundance and a driving desire to become your new sweet addiction. I provide a safe, relaxing experience that is absolutely fulf ♥






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