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All escorts are tutored throughout their time with Top Call Girl society Service. They will go through several courses, such as erotic massage, etiquette, striptease, tantric techniques but also styling and make-up. Even though their tutoring might not be completed yet, all escorts are explained about many different booking aspects before a first booking. Please do not embarrass yourself, or the escort, with requests for unsafe (oral) sex or personal (contact) details.

Some suggestions for a first booking

Assuming that you are the type of gentlemen we welcome and expect, you most likely already know how to make a woman feel comfortable. Don’t grope her the minute she walks in, no matter how gorgeous she looks. In practical terms; at least the first hour of the booking will be spent to get to know each other outside the bedroom, before getting more intimate. Be a gentleman. Take her coat, pay her a compliment, offer her a drink and make her feel comfortable. A few chocolates or even a small gift are ideal to show you’re a gentleman who your escort can feel comfortable with.

Please make sure to arrange all financial matters at the beginning of your time together. The escort will then call me to let me know she has arrived safely and she is feeling comfortable. Ask the escort about her interests without invading her privacy. Then, when you feel both of you are at ease, make a move towards seducing and undressing your escort, a kiss, a bath, a massage and more…

An additional suggestion is a duo booking. The new escort will be asked to select her favourite duo partners of which one will join her on her first booking. A more experienced escort will make the new escort feel more relaxed.

We look forward to introducing you to Top Call Girl society Service’s newest stars!

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