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This does mean if you wish to see a courtesan, you will need more time and money. There is an upside to this though. Most escorts will allow you to book 30 min-4 hours, however the rates will simply be the 1 hour rate multiplied by the amount of hours, with the exception of 30 minutes (which usually is 2/3 the 1 hour rate). Courtesans will often offer multi-hour discount. I’ll use my own rates as an example.

As a courtesan, clients who book longer sessions are more often than not looking for the companionship aspect which is something I am more than happy to provide for hours at a time with a bit of fun mixed in. With escorting, it’s a lot more physically demanding which is why I did not offer the same discounts.

I can see why the client who wrote that review was bothered. Unfortunately the true differences between what escorts and courtesans are really aren’t that well known. Most people probably just think “courtesan” is a good way to slap a higher price tag on the same product. Unfortunately, as this client found out, that is not the case at all. I say “unfortunately” because the client ended up unsatisfied, which is something that both escorts and courtesans would see as unfortunate.

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  • Price and Time Differences
    While many escorts will offer half hour bookings, the average courtesan starts around 1 or 2 hours.
    oThe reason for this isn’t because the courtesan wants more money, or is greedy – but because you cannot make the desired connection in 30 minutes AND allow time for the physical release. You would use up the vast majority of the time (if not all of it) outside of the bedroom making the connection.

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    • In the business of pleasure
      In the end we’re all in the business of pleasure and satisfaction, and we’re all disappointed in ourselves when we don’t give it.
      This does not mean escorts do not or cannot have degrees. Many do! And many are brilliant women. What I’m simply saying is that a solid education is a requirement of being a courtesan due to the clientele you draw.


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