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Deciding to become an high class escort does not happen overnight. Most of the young ladies who apply with us have thought about working as an high class escort for months, sometimes even years. When we meet a young lady that meets our requirements, she isn't just send off to her first bookings. The new ladies are given some time to think about their decision and are given loads of information, after which they are asked to reconcider their choice. So by the time we represent a young lady on our website, we've been in touch with her for at least a month. We do this to make sure the young lady is feeling confortable and confident about her choice and of course to get to know her a little.


A "virgin" escort

In setting up the first bookings of our newest escorts, her comfort is priority to us. We do not promote our newest escorts for commercial benefits. If anything, it's the contrary. To match the newest escorts to clients is far more difficult as she requires a little bit of special treatment and we don't know her as well as some of our other high class escorts just yet. When we are not completely sure the client can also offer this special treatment to the new escort, we will decline the booking request. It might sound unbelievable to you, the gentleman that you are, but there are actually men who prefer to see "the new girls" because they can "get away" with much more because the young lady is not confident enough yet to say no. And since such requests are made, there are agencies offering this as well. We are not one of them.

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